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sábado, 21 de septiembre de 2019


Yuri Yudaev

Yuri Yudaev, Born on June 15, 1956 in Kaliningrad / Koenigsberg at Baltic Sea.
In 1985 graduated from the art-graphic faculty of the State Pedagogical University (Moscow).
1986 - joined the Painter`s section of USSR Artists Union.
1987 - All Union Youth Art Exhibition «Youth of Country», the 'Manezh' Central Exhibition Hall, Moscow.
1987-1990 - work on the monumental paintings.
2000 - training in the educational program of the Contemporary Art Institute, Moscow. Teachers: V. Koleychuk, V. Stigneev, A. Yakymovich, O. Aranson, Yuri Sobolev.

Yuri Yudaev

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