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miércoles, 1 de julio de 2020


Željko Tonšic is born in Zemun (Serbia) on 7th july 1954. His works are wide-spread through whole Europe. The critics call him one of the best painters of Fantastic or Symbolism. In every painting, while he create it, he carry in a dose of symbolics, mystique and religion. Every painting have its own story, permeated with either thematic or the inspiration steal up from dreams, because, dreams are his secret place to look for. Long, sometimes long-stending process of creating a chef d'oeuvre, are reflected on his striving to perfection. His paintings help you to fall in love again.
They are connecting heaven and earth. In a coldest winter night, they take you to a warm place. They let you to be lost somewhere deep inside. Meny people said that his paintings have a healing power, that they spread positiv energy. Yet, he stays consistent to himself. He's living in his own art world, not permiting reality to interfere. He's finding ideals, where we never would find. And he continue to love and let us to feel that love. Love in the eyes of Archangel Gabriel, the bearer of good tidings, the comforter and helper of men.Love in the eyes of Eurynome, most important Goddess of Pelasgian myth.Love of all those, who were, and will be born on his white canvas, uniting religions, habits and understandings.

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